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Capital Investment For Your Industrial Cleaning Perth Company; New, Used or Refurbished Equipment

Industrial cleaning Perth is a lucrative industry and any players are always looking to get in on the action as the more established service providers grow in astronomical levels.

With light duty cleaning in residential premises, an air sweeper will do but industrial cleaning Perth requires commercial, heavy-duty broom sweepers that are robust and up to the task. Choice of brand and exact model of these sweepers will definitely depend on the level of performance expected but generally, new sweepers do not come cheap. A cheaper alternative is buying used or refurbished equipment.

New Equipment

Definitely the most expensive option, buying new equipment may also attract other expenses such as providing training for the staff. There are, however, several benefits to this option including the fact that your business will enjoy great warranties and other after-sale services. Generally, you will find that constant breakdowns are uncommon with new equipment and downtime is quite low. With technology advancing at an ever dramatic rate, buying new sweepers ,equipped with the latest technology will definitely give your business a competitive edge in the industry and increase productivity.

Used and Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished equipment is used equipment that is disassembled and re-assembled into unit with better performance after the necessary repair works and upgrading. Buying used or refurbished equipment for industrial cleaning Perth is a comparatively inexpensive option, costing only a percentage of what it costs to buy brand new equipment.

You can check the viability of the equipment by engaging an experienced technician. However, the reality is that used or remanufactured equipment come with a level of risk for downtime. The downside is that used equipment does not come with warranty or support. Refurbished equipment on the hand, with its inherent higher reliability compared to used equipment due to repair and upgrade, may have some support from the manufacturer and/or dealer. The upgrades and retrofits on refurbished equipment also allows you to enjoy increased productivity at a lower cost compared to buying new equipment.

Deciding the Best Option for Your Business

Each alternative presents legitimate benefits as well as drawbacks and an informed decision can only be arrived at after a careful assessment of your needs as a cleaning service provider in Perth. Are you looking to meet an increase in demand or is the decision to bring in more equipment in line with a long-term strategy for expansion and venturing into new markets.

It would make no economic sense to invest heavily and strain the company’s financial standing by buying new equipment to meet the demands of a one-time industrial cleaning job. A well refurbished fleet of sweepers from a reputable dealer will perform optimally. Buying new equipment from top brands has always proven the best choice when it comes to meeting long-term needs.

Sweepers and other equipment are an important part in the success and growth for any business in the industrial cleaning Perth sector. After a careful selection of the method of equipment acquisition, as best suits your specific business needs, the remaining task lies in finding sufficient funding for the purchase that will grow your business.


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