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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Jumping Castles Hire Company

Mumpreneurship. Definitely has a nice ring to it. Mums all over the world are proving that they really can do it all and are slaying it on the home front and in business. One such business that has proven great for mums is jumping castle hire.

Like any other business, a careful evaluation of its viability is paramount, before looking to transform the business idea into an actual business venture. There are many reasons that point to the irrefutable feasibility of the idea, the least of which include the following

1. Low Initial Investment

Starting a company that hires out jumping castles requires relatively little in capital investment compared to some other business ideas. You can always start out with a few units and increase your inventory later as the business grows. The units roll up nicely and do not require much in storage space so you do not have to worry about renting out a large warehouse or commercial unit for your unit. Many owners successfully run their business from their garages.

In addition, jumping castles are very easy to clean and do not require much else as far as maintenance goes. This should effectively reduce your staff requirements, especially during start up.

 2. Low overheads

Except for the bouncy castle units, accessories and accompanying equipment, you will not require any other inventory. Labor costs, utilities, repairs, rent and other costs are low, keeping the overheads at a minimal.

3. Easy to manage

Bouncy castle hire is a relatively easy business to manage, especially if you have a regularly updated business website. Potential clients will go through the product gallery, check the availability of the jumping castles units that catch their attention and make a booking online. What remains is delivery to site and set up of the inflatables, for which you may require a small staff.

With this much ease and flexibility to running the business, stay-at-home moms can work from the comfort of their homes, while the working mom can go into business as a part time venture to complement their jobs.

 4. Marketing Blues

In the entertainment industry, referrals are the best marketing tools. With great service to your clients, you do not have to worry about spending thousands of bucks in marketing campaigns. If every satisfied client brings back at least one other client, your business will thrive and grow within a very short time. You should also check out http://www.aussiejump.com.au, they are a jumping castle company currently servicing Melbourne which provides lead generation services for jumping castle owners. Check out their video below.

 5. More than just about the money

Before you put on your power suit, you will always be a mum. Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than seeing a smile or hearing the music that is a child’s laughter. Your jumping castle hire business will be in the business of doing just that, and no amount can ever be enough to pay for that perfect picture of kids jumping up and down having the best fun.

 Jumping castle hire is a very lucrative business with great reward, both monetary and otherwise. You can decide to run your business on a full-time or part time basis as best suits your time and business goals. Take the plunge into mumpreneurship today and reap all that comes with being your own boss.

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