Capital Investment For Your Industrial Cleaning Perth Company; New, Used or Refurbished Equipment

sweeping trucks

Industrial cleaning Perth is a lucrative industry and any players are always looking to get in on the action as the more established service providers grow in astronomical levels. With light duty cleaning in residential premises, an air sweeper will do but industrial cleaning Perth requires commercial, heavy-duty broom sweepers that are robust and up … Read more

The 3 Cs: Cost,Customers and Competitors; Fundamental Questions To Ask In Determing An Effective Pricing Strategy

pricing goals

The pricing policy of a business, among other factors, greatly influences its revenue potential. For this reason, it is most imperative to carefully consider and evaluate some factors before deciding on the artificial turf prices for your business. The survival and growth potential of your business may very well depend on it. How much does … Read more

Perth Renovation Group Introduction


Perth Renovation Group focuses on 4 main areas of renovation.

  • Home Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Office and Commercial Fitouts

Our Location

Perth Renovation Group
Suite 5/ 18-22 Riseley St
Perth WA 6153
(08) 9364 6000

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Easy Bookkeeping Tips for Non-Accountants


You may be a little daunted over the fact that you are assigned to do a task that would require you to do bookkeeping tasks in spite of not having any accounting background. It sounds like a very technical task and would seem you to require extensive knowledge in accounting. However, bookkeeping is a relatively easy task and becomes repetitive once you get the hang of it. It only takes basic knowledge of accounting that can be self-taught.

Easy bookkeeping tips

Bookkeeping is a relatively easy task. You can easily master it in time. Here are a few tips on how to sharpen your bookkeeping skills:

  • Familiarize yourself with the chart of accounts of the company. You don’t have to learn about all accounts. Every business have different chart of accounts that would best suit their needs. If you are lucky, the chart of accounts of the books that you need to keep is very minimal and it will be so much easier for you to keep track of the transactions.
  • Understand the concept of debit and credit. All bookkeeping transactions must be balanced. Otherwise, there is an error in your entry.
  • Always check the balances on a regular basis. Ideally this should be done on a daily basis because it will be easier to trace any errors.
  • Automated bookkeeping is always easier than manual. You don’t have to pay for an accounting system, you can use an Excel file to keep track of your transactions and balance.
  • Practice makes perfect. You may be slow at the start but you will improve as you keep doing this. Transactions are usually recurring so it would be easy when you are already familiar with the transaction.

Here’s a YouTube Video Guide:

Bookkeeping is something that you can learn along the way. You do not have to be an accountant in order to do basic bookkeeping. It is a repetitive process that you can easily master. If you are not so confident with your entries, you can have them checked or verified by an accountant. Since transactions are recurring, you can refer to the verified transactions and just replicate the entries. Soon enough you will become very good in bookkeeping that you hardly even notice it anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages In Selling a Business


Going into business is not for everyone. It requires a lot of work that is unlike your regular day job. As such, there are a lot of people who decide to sell their business. You could be one of them and decide to call it quits. You could then decide to sell your business because it just doesn’t cut it. However before you do decide to sell your business, you have to deliberate thoroughly as this is a big decision. You have to be able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of selling your business.



When you sell your business, you have to make sure that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be wise to sell. Some of the advantages in selling your business could include the following:

  • If your business is incurring losses, you can cut this off.
  • You can sell your business at a profit, meaning the selling price is much greater than the net worth of the business.
  • You can venture to a new business endeavour, one that is far more lucrative.
  • You have learned from the mistakes of your current business and can do better in your next.


There could be disadvantages however in selling your business. When you make your decision, you should be able to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages. It’s not the number that can ultimately make your decision, it is the overall weight of the choices that matters.

  • You have already invested so much in your business. It is not just money that you spend, you also spend time and effort.
  • You may not be able to sell your business immediately and you can incur losses then.
  • You are already familiar with the mechanism of your business. If you can make something successful, then your current business is the best candidate.